CLA South West: Natural Capital Farm Walk

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Water, air, soil and biodiversity are the key assets that make up our natural capital. They provide us with benefits in the form of ecosystem services, such as; food, timber, water filtration and carbon sequestration. As we move towards a new future outside of the European Union, policy is shifting to reward land managers for delivering environmental public goods.

Join us for a farm walk at Moor Wood Estate, who are undergoing the transition from commercial farming to a model that they describe as ‘farming with nature’. As the whole farm is put into Countryside Stewardship, understand how conservation as a crop can work. See the practical ways in which they are unlocking payments for ecosystem services including; biodiversity net gain and carbon offsetting. We will explore the estate with a walk encompassing ancient woodland, calcareous grassland and a network of wild bird seed and pollen and nectar mixes. 

The farm walk will also cover:

•            Policy changes and the ELM scheme

•            Opportunities for land managers

•            Payments for ecosystem services and the Natural Capital Grade (NCG)

We will hear from:

•            Tom Heathcote, Knight Frank

•            Alex Robinson, Moor Wood Estate and Nature Capital

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Event Details

Thursday 22 July 2021
2:00PM - 4:00PM
Moor Wood, Moor Wood, GL7 7EB
10.00 + VAT - CLA Member or Guest