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Select Membership Type

  • Landowning membership

    For those who own or manage land, CLA membership enables you to:
    • protect your rights as a rural landowner
    • acquire the knowledge to run your land and business more efficiently
    • access guidance on landownership and land management issues
    • benefit from unlimited, one-to-one, expert advice (depending on membership category)
    • socialise with your peers
    • protect your assets through services such as insurance
    From £ 297 per year
  • Business and Professional membership         

    For rural professionals and business owners, joining the CLA allows you to:
    • improve your knowledge base
    • access the key landowning and rural communities
    • receive generic advice to complement your own expertise as a rural professional
    • benefit from specific advice if your client is also a CLA member
    • link to providers to help your business, such as energy services
    • support CLA lobbying which directly benefits you and your rural clients and customers

    £ 750 per year
  • Friend of the CLA

    For those who support the work of the CLA, membership helps you to:
    • • access topical information on rural issues
    • • extend your social contacts
    • • protect you and your family through services such as healthcare
    • • defend your property rights

    From £ 96 per year