Select Landowner Membership
  • Rural Property Owner

    If you own a house in the country with land around it, even if it’s one acre, take advantage of how we can help you.
    CLA membership enables you as a rural property owner to:
    • know your landowning rights and responsibilities
    • defend your property rights as a rural landowner
    • access CLA’s extensive library of knowledge
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  • Smallholder

    If you run a smallholding, being a CLA member will be of benefit to you.
    CLA membership can help you as a smallholder to:
    • manage your land more effectively
    • develop new ideas for generating income from your land
    • protect the value of your land and property assets
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  • Land-based Business Owner

    As a rural landowner, the CLA can help you manage your land, property, and farming business.
    CLA membership gives you as a farming landowner the ability to:
    • access free one-to-one expert advice
    • influence Government on land management and property issues
    • learn about new diversification opportunities and develop new income streams
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  • Estate Owner

    If you are an estate owner running a multi-faceted rural estate, membership of the CLA is vital.
    CLA membership provides significant benefits, such as allowing you to:
    • join the largest network of estate owners in England and Wales
    • directly influence the future of rural estates
    • Access the CLA Regional Estates Forum
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